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Root Canal Treatment in Buffalo, NY

root canal

Endodontic Therapy & Root Canal Treatment

A root canal, also known as endodontic therapy, is a type of oral surgery done on a tooth that is causing severe pain, is infected, or is dead.

A tooth has minor blood supply, so once bacteria invades the inside of the tooth from decay, the tooth cannot heal itself. We need to remove the nerve and blood vessels and disinfect the inside of the tooth to keep it from getting re-infected. This allows a tooth to be saved that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Please call us today if you have more questions regarding your root canal treatment!

How Root Canal Treatment Works

If it is necessary for you to have a root canal, there is no reason to worry. The experts at Rosenberg Dental have years of experience and are sure to make you comfortable. Please call our office to make an appointment for root canal treatments or with any questions you may have.

How our treatment process works:

  • We’ll first create a small hole in the tooth to remove all the affected areas.
  • After the dental pulp and roots (if needed) are removed, we will clean the area to ensure the infection is gone.
  • To complete the procedure, we’ll seal up the hole and area where the dental pulp used to be.
  • We’ll then use a filling or crown to blend in seamlessly with your teeth.
  • Dr. Rosenberg will typically prescribe antibiotics to ensure any lingering infection is eliminated.
  • We’ll be sure to thoroughly explain the process to you, recommend the best sedation options for the procedure, and keep you informed of any discomfort you might feel afterwards or potential disadvantages of the procedure.