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Exceptional Teeth-Whitening Results

Cost-effective solutions from phenomenal home whitening for any patient, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases and everything in-between.

Located in Cheektowaga, NY Off of I-90 & I-290, We're a Short Drive from
Buffalo, West Seneca, Williamsville & Amherst. Serving all of WNY.

Located in Cheektowaga, NY Off of I-90 & I-290, We're a Short Drive from Buffalo, West Seneca, Williamsville & Amherst. Serving all of WNY.

Extended Monday &
Wednesday Hours

Centrally Located

3723 Harlem Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14215

A Teeth Whitening Solution for Every Case

A storybook wedding, an important job interview, a graduation, or easing a lifetime of embarrassment…no matter the reason, it’s a special reason. That’s why we provide the KöR Whitening system. From in-office to at-home whitening you’ll be smiling bright with long lasting results from Rosenberg Dental and the KöR Whitening system.

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Meet Our Dentists

Family owned and operated, Rosenberg Dental's dentists & staff are among Buffalo's best.

Dr. Michael Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg graduated from Dental school in May 1991 and pursued a General Practice residency in Dentistry at Buffalo General Hospital until August 1992. He then opened his original dental practice in 1993, then moving to his current location in April 2003.

Dr. Amber Rosenberg

Dr. Rosenberg earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery and her Advanced Education in General Dentistry certificate from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. She is particularly interested in implant dentistry and is excited to now offer implant placement for patients!

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Utilizing cutting edge dental technology ensures a comfortable & personalized dental experience.

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Amazing Before and After KöR Whitening Results

Frequently Asked Questions

A Perfect Solution for Every Whitening Case.

We often recommend a teeth bleaching procedure because it is by far the easiest way to transform your smile. After cleaning your teeth, we can complete this procedure in time for a special event or as part of your regular oral health routine. We have two different options for whitening:

In-office whitening: this can be done during a teeth cleaning appointment or during a separate appointment. It typically takes an hour, and the results are immediate!

At-home whitening: we’ll supply you with everything you need to get brighter, whiter teeth at home on your own time. This treatment involves whitening trays which we can create and customize for you. We’ll take an impression of your teeth to ensure the trays fit nice and snug. You can use your trays at any time. We’ll also provide you with a whitening solution to use at home with the trays that should be worn for a couple hours every night for a week or more

The KöR Whitening System works by restoring your teeth’s youthful ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth, dissolving and removing stain molecules.
Unlike other whitening methods, with easy periodic home maintenance, KöR Whitening deliver lasting results.

Whitening products have been clinically studied for more than three decades and safely used on millions of patients without harm to teeth or gums. KöR Whitening is considered entirely safe.

Many have experienced pain during teeth whitening. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself. After years of research, development and clinical testing, Dr. Rod Kurthy, the inventor of KöR Whitening, introduced a whitening gel that, in most cases, produces little to no sensitivity. As a result, most patients have no discomfort from whitening when using this system. We have found KöR Whitening to be the gentlest whitening system available.

Teeth are safely whitened at any age, however, the ideal age to begin whitening teeth is about 14 because the permanent teeth are usually all fully erupted in the mouth by that age. The younger teeth are, the more brilliantly they whiten. However, KöR Whitening rejuvenates even older teeth back to their youthful ability to whiten incredibly well, even if you’re 90 years old.

KöR Whitening lightens teeth dramatically, up to 16 shades or more. Although everyone is different, with the proper KöR Whitening System, nearly all teeth will have stunning results. KöR even whitens tetracycline-stained teeth significantly, which was previously thought to be impossible!

No. If you have any of these on your front teeth, you may need to replace some of them after whitening.

With your easy home maintenance, these staining foods will have no effect on the long-term brilliant color of your teeth.